Who are we ?

Truck and Lines is a platform for connecting carriers and shippers.
Carriers, shippers (manufacturers or traders) or freight forwarders
use T&L to optimize the cost of transportation.

Offer a simple solution

Make the freight exchange accessible to all carriers, from their smartphones. No software or application to install, just one internet connection is enough to use Truck and Lines.

Create a partner network

We have a strong network of transport partners at the national and international levels. All our users are checked by our agents upon registration.

Limiting environmental impact

For the development of the transport market, optimisation in terms of transported loading is crucial to reduce the impact on the environment.

Increase your chances of finding freight
with a transport offer on T&L

orn from the idea of Eric Gilabert, manager of a transport company,
this new freight exchange offers a simple and modern offer to meet this market that continues to

With Truck and Lines, carriers have the ability to be quickly put in touch
with shippers or freight forwarders. The promise of T&L is simple and transparent.

No subscription, no commitment, you can just 1 € per ad (for a contact)
All our users must provide the legal administrative documents concerning their activity and vehicles.
Each file is carefully checked by our agents before validation of the profile.

Sign up for free and join our growing community of carriers.

Finding freight quickly and easily with a transport offer on T&L

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